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Premiere Pro Class - Introduction: Course Topics

Understanding digital video: foundations for Premiere Pro editing


  • Understanding video settings

  • Input & output formats

  • Dimensions, framerate and pixel aspect ratio

  • Online and social media video standards

  • Understanding timecode

Learning the Premiere Pro interface 


  • Understanding the default workspaces

  • Switching and resetting Premiere Pro workspaces

  • Working with Premiere Pro panels 

  • Understanding the application tools

  • Setting application preferences

  • Appearance & memory

  • Using the project panel

  • Understanding media management & creating and organizing bins

  • Using the media browser panel

  • Previewing clips: hover scrub vs source monitor

  • Transcoding video

  • Locating missing media in Premiere Pro: where it is located and what it is named

Learning to edit clips in the Premiere Pro timeline   


  • The cuts-only editing methodology: continuity editing

  • A Roll vs. B Roll

  • Cut-ins and cut-aways; cutting on action

  • Working with multiple video tracks

  • Adding and deleting tracks

  • Renaming tracks

  • Trimming clips in the Premiere Pro source monitor

  • Adding clips to the timeline

  • Making insert and overwrite edits

  • Using the timeline editing tools

  • Markers: timeline vs clip

Using video & audio transitions in Premiere Pro


  • Understandi​ng transitions

  • Adding transitions to video clips

  • Preparing a clip to receive transitions

  • Editing transition settings

  • Adding an audio transition

Learning to use Premiere Pro graphics


  • Understanding the uses of titles in video

  • Creating graphic clips in Premiere Pro

  • Adding images to a graphic clip

  • Using the legacy titler

  • Creating an end credit roll

  • Controlling the speed of a rolling title

  • Working with graphic clips on the timeline

  • Creating a graphics template

Working with imported graphics in Premiere Pro


  • Working with Photoshop  and Illustrator Files in Premiere Pro

  • Importing layered Photoshop files into Premiere Pro projects

  • Understanding and animating static clip effects

  • Understanding position, scale, rotation and opacity with Premiere Pro

  • Using Premiere Pro to add transitions and effects to images

Using Premiere Pro Video Effects


  • Understanding video effects in Premiere Pro

  • Animating static clip effects

  • Adjusting position, scale, rotation, and opacity for video in Premiere Pro

  • Applying Premiere pro video effects to clips

  • Understanding the Premiere Pro timeline vs project panel

Using greenscreen footage in Premiere Pro


  • Creating a garbage matte in Premiere Pro

  • Working with the ultra keyer

Learning to stabilize shaky footage with Premiere


  • Evaluating shaky footage

  • Using the warp stabilizer

Introduction to Premiere Pro audio editing


  • Understanding clip audio

  • Working with various audio types including standard, mono, and 5.1 audio

  • Using the essential audio panel

  • Assigning audio clip types in Premiere

  • Animating clip volume

Outputting video from Premiere Pro


  • Exporting video from Premiere Pro

  • Understanding Adobe Media Encoder export from Premiere Pro

  • Exporting video directly from Premiere Pro

  • Exporting video from Premiere Pro for social media (facebook, twitter, etc.) & Mobile Devices

  • Exporting video from Premiere Pro for desktop and broadband distribution

  • Understanding video file settings including video dimensions, formats and codecs, bit-rate, frame rate, aspect ratio when exporting from Premiere Pro.

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