About Us

CalCap Film Studios provides corporate, industrial, and commercial video production services.

We offer video, digital and brand content that will propel your business toward success in today's digital frontier.


Our creative team puts your business at the forefront of each project by opening up a whole new world of possibilities. We provide video solutions that build brands by captivating their audience.


Video is one of the most progressive and cost effective ways of getting your message seen and heard. It’s hands down the best way to capture your audience and generate sales in today's digital world.


At CalCap Film Studios , creative professionals specialize in the fantastic, to breathe life into tedious technicality. We’ll inspire your viewers with captivating scripts, high-end production, and eye-catching visuals wrapped in a message that's unique to your brand and business.

Video Production. Sacramento, California

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We Make Films

CalCap Film Studios is also an “Independent Film Production Company.” We have four produced independent feature films under our belt, that have received theatrical and platform releases, (our latest feature, Impuratus is currently doing the Film Festival Circuit) as well as two documentaries currently in production. 


We work with a database of film professionals on a project-by-project basis which includes Line Producers, 1st AD’s, and award winning DP’s. With access to state-of-the-art equipment which includes color correction, SFX, and sound design studios, we bring this professionalism to our local video production services. 

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Office Manager

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Director of Photography/


Charles Lago, founder of CalCap Film Studios has worked extensively in the film industry as a film producer (four features, two documentaries), and talent manager. Charles currently manages well-known actors such as; Tom Sizemore, Doug Hutchison, Robert Lasardo, Britt Ekland, and Heidi Fleiss. Charles was fortunate to represent Cloris Leachman and Sally Kellerman. Past clients include, personalities, Richard Hatch (Winner Survivor Season 1), George Christie (former leader of The Hells Angels), actor Bud Cort (Harold and Maude, Life Aquatic, MASH*), and Josh Flagg (Bravo TV personality). 

Christopher Johnson was born in Seattle, WA and raised in San Diego, CA. Chris started his film career when he co-founded DTLA Entertainment Group, LLC (with partner Charles Lago). a Film Production, Talent Management and Publishing company. Chris was involved in the publishing and release of 5 major books one of which, Blind Ambition written by John Dean, former White House Counsel to President Richard Nixon. Chris served as a producer on four feature films and Line Producer on Blood Circus. Chris oversees all the financial aspects of projects at CalCap Film Studios. 

Mark is an award-winning Director of Photography and Camera Operator. With over 25 years of experience, David has shot over 40 feature films as well as commercials and music videos. Originally from Houston, Texas, he currently resides in Los Angeles, California but shoots all over the globe. Visit https://www.markdaviddp.com/








Web Design / Graphic Artist




Project Manager

Rafael Portillo was born and raised in Dallas, TX, is an accomplished Videographer and Editor, who has worked on feature films (most recently Impuratus 2023) as well as producing two short films. Rafael is currently working on directing the short film, which he also wrote, The Donor.

Bryce Nicastro was born and raised in San Diego, CA Bryce began his artistic career when he picked up the violin at the age of four. An accomplished graphic designer, having designed hundreds of custom packaging designs and marketing materials for the ultimate luxury Candy Chain, Sugarfina

Bryce began his film career at CalCap Film Studios and has worked as Production Manager and Line Producer on two features produced by the company. He transitioned to designing websites and graphic arts for all things film related. Bryce excels at production and efficiency, all while maintaining an artistic focus and is a valuable team member at CalCap Film Studios. 

Jose Ruiz born and raised in Sacramento, CA , with a BA in Fine Arts Jose  has worked as a "Production Manager" on  numerous films most recently Impuratus (2022).  He is Co-Producer of the upcoming Documentary, Saving Sizemore (2023) about actor Tom Sizemore. Jose is an artist, avid outdoorsman and bi-lingual (Spanish).